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Meet Sister Kathy Jenson:
JUST A LITTLE BIT ABOUT HER: She grew up in California and then Washington with one brother . She loved her mom’s laugh and saw that her father’s favorite thing was to take care of her mom.
Once on a camping trip to the coast in a rain storm, their camper sprang a leak in the night. Her dad drove around the campground asking her and and brother and her if the leak had stopped while her mom held a rain coat under the leak. They finally did find a spot to park where the leak was stopped and they were able to sleep.
One time she left a candy bar poster on the porch of a boyfriend, only to realize as she and her friend drove off, that the dog in the yard may eat it! They drove around the block and when they made it back to check…the dog already had eaten the candy. All that was left were empty wrappers.
Favorite subject was art and biology; favorite thing to do in the summer is to read and garden; favorite food is yams; dessert is Pineapple cake; favorite sport dancing (ballet, ballroom and rock); favorite music is jazz and inspirational church music; Her favorite color is pink and likes to build things.
Her scariest experience was walking past a spot where she knew there was a rattlesnake and passed out. A quirky habit of she has is rearranging store displays that have been messed up.
She loves to spend time creating floral arrangements and bridal bouquets. For an instrument she plays radio and the CD player. So, she does like music but prefers not to sing in public.
Kathy has two beautiful daughters, one grandson and is expecting another in the late summer. This lovely and talented lady has dark brown short hair, not too tall with brown eyes.
The thing she would like to accomplish during this life time, is to always submit her will to her Heavenly Father. She is a night person who values honesty and caring in others. She would also like to go back to college.
How about this? She relaxes cutting intricate and delicate paper items. She laughs at funny stories and when nervous; cries when saying goodbye after a good visit. She is amazing at scrapbooking, card making, floral design, indexing, organizing and beading. Find her in church with jewelry and your odds are that she has made it herself!
She would like to visit England or Tahiti.
Her favorite prophet is President Hinckley, favorite hymn is” Adam Ondi Ahman”, “Oh Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown” or “ Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”, then she says, “oh that is a hard question I have lots of favorites!”

Meet Sister: Helena Taylor.
Helena grew up in St. Anthony until she reached the age of 12, her family then moved to Idaho Falls. She has three sisters and 1 brother. Her favorite things about her mom; she is a hard worker and does “many things”, while still having time for her own family. She says her father is an example of being a very loving and spiritual person and was her idol as she grew up. “He taught with love!”
As a child her favorite thing to do was play outside with her sisters. In school she loved English and Music. Christmas holidays were her favorite; they always had a fabulous breakfast. In the summer she loves evening walks and bike rides. One time she had to call an ambulance for her mom and waited for her in the emergency room. Her mom was really sick and it scared her a lot. (How old were you?)
Favorite foods: hamburgers, fries and steak
Favorite dessert: cheese cake and brownies
Favorite sports: cross country and basketball
Favorite book: The Book of Mormon
Favorite color: purple
Hobbies: working out, singing & building things
Relaxes: reading a magazine or watching TV with her hubby
Would Visit: Guatemala (husband served his mission there)
She laughs at almost anything and cries when stressed or hears something silly. If she knew she couldn’t fail, she would like to make a living at doing something she really LOVES to do!
She likes almost any music and used to play the flute. She describes herself as friendly, small and outgoing. She currently works for an optician at Premier Eye Care. One thing she would like to accomplish during her lifetime would be to finish school. She values kindness in others, believes the best advice she’s been given is to “Trust God in all
things”. She admires and loves most in her life, her Savior, Jesus Christ.
Favorite Prophet: President Gordon B. Hinckley
Favorite Hymn: (right now) “How Great Thou Art”
Thanks for sharing with us!

Meet Sister Billie Durbin:
Welcome to Parkwood Ward Billie! Many of you are fairly familiar with her by now, but some of us have not had that opportunity yet.
Billie grew up in Tacoma, Washington, with two sisters and one brother. She remembers her mom’s beautiful eyes, great baking skills, her willing to teach and always made her feel loved.
Her father is remembered as a man with a sense of humor, a no nonsense attitude, and making her feel loved! A family trip to the ocean is a favorite memory, but what really lingers is a feeling of being loved by all her family members. Needless to say she looked up to her parents and a special Aunt Ethel.
Favorite subjects at school were literature and cooking; her favorite holiday was Christmas and singing “Silent Night” before the family went to bed Christmas Eve; summer time is for the park; favorite sport was swimming; favorite food is baked potato with steak and salad; dessert would be angel food cake with strawberries. Billie likes church and classical music; reading biographies and fiction; likes to sing and dance (from rock n roll to a waltz); her favorite color is yellow; likes to build things and has a quirky habit of swaying back and forth as she fixes her hair! (There goes that dancing thing!)
Strangest thing to happen to her: Drag racing a Chevy II Nova station wagon against a Corvette. Guess who won? She did!!! A scary experience was walking the North Rim of the Grand Canyon where is drops off on both sides! Why did you do this? Play time if filled doing crossword puzzles and crafts with her daughter and granddaughters. Yes, she married and had two daughters, Vickie Ann and Kimberly Joy. Billie is quiet at first meeting, positive, reliable and loves People! Values kindness and a positive attitude in others; and if she knew she wouldn’t fail, would like to water ski; favorite advice received is: “Actions speak Louder than Words!”; and likes to relax watching a happy movie.
She’s a night person; her children and grandchildren make her laugh and sacred music or stories make her cry. She has most admired Joseph Smith through history, has a hobby of making “LOVE” bears; would like to visit Ireland. Billie’s favorite hymn is “I Stand all Amazed” and “As I Have Loved You”.

Please return any of these questioners that you may be holding to me or a member of the R.S. Presidency. Thanks, Marci Mason
Meet Sister Deb Burt
1. She has three brothers
2. Grew up in Downey, CA / east of Los Angeles
3. Favorite thing about my mom: her generosity
4. Favorite thing about my dad: His work ethic
5. Memory from my childhood: Camping in the Redwoods with my cousins
6. As a kid I looked up to my “OMA” grandmother
7. My favorite subjects in school: Child Development & Physical Education
8. Strangest thing I ever did: Van driver for Ragnar Relay Team – “Scrambled Legs and achin”, 12 runners took turns running 193 miles non-stop! So I drove the shuttle van for them 36 hours!
9. Favorite holiday: The 4th of July
10. Favorite thing to do in the summer: Mow the lawn or garden
11. A unique or quirky habit of yours: I like to hang the laundry outside
12. I am both! I go to bed at 11:30pm and I get up at 4:50am
13. The scariest experience you’ve ever had: Sliding on ice in a vehicle (more than once)
14. Love spending time doing? Road trips around the USA
15. Favorite dessert: Strawberry Shortcake
16. Favorite Sport: Basketball and Track
17. Favorite kind of music: Instrumental w/lots of trumpets & percussion
18. Hobbies: Journaling, scrapbooking; collecting odd stuff like nativities from other countries, antenna balls and lego key chains
19. Play an instrument? yes, the piano
20. Like singing? Yes, but not well (when I sing to grandkids they fall asleep to avoid the voice) Dancing? No
21. Favorite color: Magenta
22. Like building things? If it’s easy with good directions
23. Any children? Yes, 3 girls and 4 boys
24. Crater Lake and a rain forest with waterfalls
25. Work? Yes, at Linden Park School
26. A goal: Celebrate 65 or more years of marriage with my hubby!
27. Value most in people: Optimism, Dependability & spontaneity
28. What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? I would Ride a dirt bike
29. Best advice you’ve ever received: “Bloom where you are planted”
30. Best way to relax: Swim or bike a mile & then soak in a hot tub
31. Makes me laugh: Grandchildren
32. Makes me cry: Friends & relatives departing this earthly existence
33. If you were an animal, what would you be: a cat – nice fur coat w/lots of naps & still independent
34. Are you into politics: Not really…I was a La Leche League leader for a few years. There was some politics involved w/breastfeeding in public-the Mall-Disneyland-Sacrament Mtg-b/4 mother’s rooms – ask me some time.
35. Favorite hymn: “Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise””




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