Contact Information, Meeting & Lesson Schedules

Contact information
President:  Michelle Stratton, 351-7604
1st Counselor:  Marjean McConnell   538-0661
2nd Counselor:  Linda Smith     529-3498
Secretary:  Angie Hodge   866-0553
Bishop:  Jeremy Westwood 552-2822

Meeting Schedule 2013
1:00pm-2:10pm Sacrament Meeting
2:20pm-3:00pm Sunday School
3:10pm-4:00pm Relief Society

Lesson Schedule

14 July Teachings of L. Snow #13, Relief Society: True Charity and Pure Religion 
21 July Teachings of L. Snow #14, With God All things Are Possible
28 July Teachings for Our Times, The Reward of Righteousness Ensign, April 2013 pg. 32
4 Aug. Relief Society Presidency message 
11 Aug. Teachings of L. Snow #15, Faithful, Energetic Service in the Kingdom of God